About us😄

Closet Spark makes the process of finding a great outfit to wear simple! We want you to get the most out of your outfits while also earning rewards. Closet Spark also makes it easy to receive feedback on your outfits while also getting fashion inspiration from other outfits and fashion tips from various fashion influencers. 

Our mission🗻

To feel inspired each morning to get dressed and work on our dreams.

The birth of Closet Spark🎀

After developing and launching a couple of mobile applications while she was in high school, the concept of Closet Spark began in 2019 during Skylar’s college years. Through months of altering the idea, designing it, and much more, Closet Spark will be launching in 2020. 

The founder of Closet Spark, Skylar Björn, always had issues with deciding which outfit to wear and remembering which outfits looked good together. Due to Skylar having so much clothing, she’d often throw all of her clothes all over her room and spend about a half-hour to an hour, and sometimes more to decide which outfit to wear. She’d also often forget about past cute outfits she had worn, to only recall them when a friend would remind her: “Remember that outfit you wore to this thing?“ Or she would randomly see an old pic of herself in a cute outfit that would remind her of that outfit and then cause her to regret not wearing it to something else.

P.S. Skylar has always had a big curiosity. In fact, part of her fashion curiosity was to understand what made some girls have such great fashion and organization with their closets. Growing up, she’d often dream of having a full two-story closet full of fashionable fashion accessories with a very modern fashionable look.

We are a one person team!😄

Meet our founder Skylar!😃✨

Skylar Björn


Skylar has vast experience in the iOS development field and more. She is currently a major in entrepreneurship with a minor in philosophy at her university. Along with her iOS development experience, Skylar has been running her technology/business blog ever since November 2017. Skylar also worked in sales as a brand ambassador for 5 years.

Skylar grew up in Los Angeles, California where she still resides today. Ever since she began high school, she grew a deep desire to be an entrepreneur. This led to her reading various books about business, self-help, and entrepreneurship. Which in return, grew her deep desire to learn all about the mind and entrepreneurship.