Closet Spark’s Features

  • 1) Swipe Screen😄👋

✳️ Swipe right or left on outfits

✳️ Right swiped outfits go into the liked outfits section in the top right corner (the double hearts)

✳️ Earn a point for each outfit swiped on

✳️ Earn money with affiliate links on your outfits

✳️ Receive/leave feedback through comments on outfits

✳️ Boost outfits for quicker rates

  • 2) User Profile Screen👱‍♀️👗

✳️ Lend/borrow outfits from friends

✳️ Add friends so you can view each other’s outfits

✳️ View how many people have liked and disliked your outfit

✳️ Decide whether or not you want your outfit to be rated

✳️ Tap your username in the top left corner to view notifications

✳️ View settings in the top right corner

✳️ Option to block people in the settings

✳️ View your point collection progress with the progress button on the settings screen

✳️ View which places to visit to earn extra points at the bottom of the progress screen (tap on where it says “Extra Points”)

✳️ Extra points are generally earned by visiting certain stores (stores in the extra points section) and scanning tags either from within that store or from an online order

  • 3) Outfits Screen👠🛍

✳️ View outfits designed by fashion influencers

✳️ Read about fashion tips from fashion influencers

✳️ Search through different styles of outfits for inspiration

✳️ View top rated outfits within the app when you tap on the double hearts in the upper right corner

  • 4) Rewards Screen💎🎉

✳️ Scan tags to earn points (in the upper right corner of the main rewards screen)

✳️ View your locked and unlocked rewards

✳️ Purchase points (in the upper left corner on the main rewards screen)

✳️ View tons of different rewards to be redeemed!😄

  • 5) Fashion gifts🎁✨

✳️ Send and receive fashion gifts

✳️ View your top gifters

✳️ Share your top gifters with friends