Uses of Closet Spark

1️⃣ For the perfect outfit 👗

💚 Get help from friends on which outfit to wear for that date or occasion

💚 Look back at cute outfits you have worn in the past

2️⃣ For rewards 💵

💙 Unlock various fashion rewards with points gained from voting on outfits

3️⃣ For fashion feedback 👜

💜 View how many people have liked and disliked your outfit

💜 Read comments/feedback from other users in the Closet Spark app

4️⃣ For Fashion Inspiration 👠

❤️ Discover outfits from various fashion influencers and read fashion interviews on them

❤️ View top rated outfits within the app

❤️ View liked outfits you have voted on in the past

Overall, never stress again about which outfit to wear!😄🎀💜💚💙✨